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Ubi_Wuzzi 18 iul., 2010 @ 6:21am 
Sorry guys, we had an issue. The game is available again, and we extend the Free Week-end until Wednesday, as compensation !
mathijsp1 18 iul., 2010 @ 5:47am 
maybe thought of it they are trying to improve the kick system and then continue?
Ratchet /wangblows10/ 18 iul., 2010 @ 5:17am 
Wrong it was 1.7days
Webster 18 iul., 2010 @ 1:14am 
tnx for the 5 day beta wile it was only 3 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Destructus 18 iul., 2010 @ 12:04am 
i thought we were promised a 5 day weekend we(at least mine down right now) only has the purchase option/button! we, the fans would really want it exetended and dont want to be lied to.
fender jazz bass 17 iul., 2010 @ 6:42am 
OMG, over here it syas I have only 6.6 hours left?!?!? I thought it was suposed to be 5days, or 4 days, or even 3 days, but less than 2 days? Are you guys at least make this version available for those who pre-purchase? It's just mean make us wait untill september...
N7 17 iul., 2010 @ 6:26am 
and Wuzzi. I have not found a forum for revealing of bugs, prompt the address or where can about them to inform?
N7 17 iul., 2010 @ 6:21am 
omg 0_o sb help pls!!! Where game saving replays???
уашотадваенота 17 iul., 2010 @ 3:56am 
Why the hell steam says that only 10.5 hours left? it's written near the game name. I'm a bit confused...thought there will be five days of beauty and mayhem...=(