What We Are Up To - PAX Edition Betio and Skirmish

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uber goober 2013年9月3日下午9:09 
love the game! keep up the great work!
imthecrabby 2013年9月2日下午11:58 
guys just let them get in with this, they are going flat out to make a brilliant game a even better game,and all you guys want is something else
fmc' Stardob 2013年9月2日上午12:14 
Festung Europa
setedisangue 2013年9月1日下午1:26 
The African setting with Italian and English would be fantastic. I adored him in the old RO but there were no populated servers...
Breadopolev Loafovski 2013年8月30日上午11:30 
I think there should be a new game in this franchise, with the British soldiers fighting Italian soldiers in africa and italy
snuffy 2013年8月30日上午11:08 
Loodweehg 2013年8月30日上午7:46 
original campaign mode was single player, one player versus ai, multiplayer campaign is players v players only, deciding where to attack next and so on. it isn't so hard to understand -.-
Purin 2013年8月30日上午3:32 
So,they removed Campaign mode,and added a renamed Campaign mode with networking. Makes perfect sense.
North_Dumpling 2013年8月29日下午11:35 
When will be stream?
Mandalore371 2013年8月29日上午6:43 
i heard the first RO is dead so i did not buy it along with the darkest hour mod i heard that was dead aswell.