What We Are Up To - PAX Edition Betio and Skirmish

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uber goober 3. syys, 2013 21.09 
love the game! keep up the great work!
imthecrabby 2. syys, 2013 23.58 
guys just let them get in with this, they are going flat out to make a brilliant game a even better game,and all you guys want is something else
fmc' Stardob 2. syys, 2013 0.14 
Festung Europa
setedisangue 1. syys, 2013 13.26 
The African setting with Italian and English would be fantastic. I adored him in the old RO but there were no populated servers...
loaf 30. elo, 2013 11.30 
I think there should be a new game in this franchise, with the British soldiers fighting Italian soldiers in africa and italy
Tiger Swamp ਜੁਝਾਰੁ 30. elo, 2013 11.08 
Loodweegh 30. elo, 2013 7.46 
original campaign mode was single player, one player versus ai, multiplayer campaign is players v players only, deciding where to attack next and so on. it isn't so hard to understand -.-
Eiya 30. elo, 2013 3.32 
So,they removed Campaign mode,and added a renamed Campaign mode with networking. Makes perfect sense.
North_Dumpling 29. elo, 2013 23.35 
When will be stream?
Vasily Chuikov 28. elo, 2013 23.51 
@Gattobuono, it is a game designed for multiplayer, to play against humans. AI isn't a huge issue.