Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 Multiplayer

Rising Storm $25,000 "Banzai" Community Mapping Contest Announced!

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Roflbinflood 2013年7月16日上午8:28 
Good.. now if only the ro2 engine were a bit more mod friendly. Currently most of the mods are serverside which makes them quite obscure and almost impossible to use. e.g. the awesome soundmod :(
spider 2013年7月15日下午5:01 
So RO2 is dead and no tanks on the horizon?
Wraith 2013年7月15日下午2:26 
Tarawa, Okinawa, Bataan, Philippines, Manchuria 1945

Make it happen modders =D

Oh and some new tanks/vehicles for RO2 would be great.
heaDy 2013年7月14日上午3:36 
Great initiative by Tripwire.
@aQuasplash . Learn english for crying out loud.
Flusha#Biceps VACation 2013年7月12日上午9:39 
second and last stage renimation corp aka RO2 upss now RS this game are that shity and unplayble that head are small now this game has less than 1000 players i hope in futue online player base will drop to standard RO2 300-500 person :P
Blackburn 2013年7月12日上午6:14 
How about....new tanks for RO2??
Bagration 2013年7月12日上午5:06 
Maybe a best gameplay ? Like Ostfront 41-45 ...
Lepakkomies 2013年7月12日上午3:57 
More tanks to Stalingrad? Perhaps few trucks and APC?
Johnson Coruja 2013年7月11日下午5:38 
what about HEROES OF STALINGRAD?????
ace 2013年7月11日下午4:11 
Can't wait for some awesome new maps! Might we get trading cards for Red Orchestra too?