Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 Multiplayer

Rising Storm Is Now Available For Pre-Order!

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Jaska 25/mai/2013 às 14:35 
Trade counter strike global offensive for rising storm.
PM if you want to trade :).
[TW]Yoshiro 24/mai/2013 às 14:22 
RO 2 owners get 25% off, plus an additional 15% off if they pre-order. This adds up to 40% off for owners of RO 2 who pre-order.
Adukka 23/mai/2013 às 7:36 
I contacted steam support, they said that RO2 owners only get 25% discount, while TW advertise with 40%. Steam yet shows 40% now but when i purchased within half hour when prepurchase opened it was 25%.
Yuriqa 21/mai/2013 às 21:22 
So this rising storm take place Japan and world war 2... Any atomic bombs there?
KENT 19/mai/2013 às 20:18 
You can give gift Counter Strike Global Ofensive
zentharim 19/mai/2013 às 18:27 
Great game from the best company ever!
Stormdragger 19/mai/2013 às 8:28 
Great news, price discount is nice to see. Especially when it's lower than the previous game.
Fruners 19/mai/2013 às 2:00 
i buy it pre-purchase and i wait the original version
rawgr 19/mai/2013 às 1:28 
Taking advantage of a sale of a game you allready own. Don't be silly. Crapass company going sellout !1111!11!1
Anjelus 18/mai/2013 às 22:50 
Why would they give it away for free? Don't be silly. There's a tremendous discount for previous Red Orchestra owners, I suggest you take advantage of it!