Tripwire Games In The Humble Indie Bundle - With Soundtracks!

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Biedronka 4 apr 2013 om 11:27vm 
buy :)
☭Kotov☭ 4 apr 2013 om 6:51vm 
nice to see people on ro1 again
Cultured Canadian 3 apr 2013 om 7:08vm 
Just enticing more people to become disappointed.
YouMan'Менталист 3 apr 2013 om 5:34vm 
In RO2 Online is up!! :)
jihadboy2 3 apr 2013 om 1:03vm 
How amazing
简单一点 2 apr 2013 om 11:09nm 
K@n@y 2 apr 2013 om 3:32nm 
Thx, but in mp3 format like when i bought when released from another website that i don't remember the name, had posted on forums at this time, anyways it is in good flac format in the bundle so i finally got it in good quality now ( mp3 also avalaible for all OST's of the bundle for those who want it you have the choice ), RO2 have some amazing compositions made by Sam Hulick, love it ^^
[TW]Yoshiro 2 apr 2013 om 3:15nm 
K@n@y 2 apr 2013 om 2:37nm 
Bought it, FLAC is included for RO2, I'm happy, Thx guys