Rising Storm GDC 2013 Trailer

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Guinness✰ 2013年4月13日下午12:06 
i will buy !
Anderson 2013年4月9日上午10:17 
S.N.A.F.U 2013年3月30日下午3:34 
i need help! Red Orchestra 2 crashes upon start up, and i'm not very computer savvy! if anyone could help i would greatly appreciated! although, i think i just have too many junk files on my computer, maybe i should delete them. i don't know. but if you could help, i would be very appreciative!
Bonano 2013年3月30日下午3:05 
Hurrrr fix RO2... what exactly is broken about it? TWI isn't friggin' activision or Blizzard. They can't roll out content for the UE3 engine as fast as they did the previous.
Godwin 2013年3月30日下午12:27 
Yeah.... wont be spending money on this. Twi had it's chance and it blew it, check out what the Darkest Hour team are up to if anyone feels like investing in a decent game.
[TNC]Prophecy 2013年3月30日上午6:58 
all twi cares about money and well their time is money! I understand but you sell something with promises of something being free and all these "golden eggs" then not deliver anything you promised. TWI i love you but you have been very unfaithful!
[TNC]Prophecy 2013年3月30日上午6:54 
twi had its chance 2 provide players a good title and they blew it......had so much hope for them and well they blew it!
Der Riesenraddieb 2013年3月29日下午10:21 
So why would I buy it? You did not fix anything in RO2 so far. Help me when exactly became the americans and japenese heroes of stalingrad? No i am going to wait and not fucking give you my money only because i wish it to be a good game. I hope the rest of the community learned when it played RO2 with no viewing distance etc etc... fuck you honestly. Fix RO2 then maybe then i will buy a standalone add on for it but not like you bastards fucking betrayed us last time.
spider 2013年3月28日下午2:58 
If they play another version its a split. It happened with the last game and DH. It might bring more people to the game but if it works better than RO2 and has tanks it will kill RO2.
vro.sp 2013年3月28日上午9:02