October 7th RO2/RS Update

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Humanmeat 2013年10月24日下午5:35 
Yup GU8, I dont have any probs running on high. Mebbie its just your PC?
The Majestik Møøse 2013年10月16日上午7:52 
The game doesn't have that sort of problem. Maybe your computer is just so crap?
GU8 2013年10月16日上午3:32 
How about in the next patch you fix "game lags the fuck out when there is more than 20 people on a server", or at least advertise this on the store page so that potential customers may be aware that this game does not in fact support 64 players per server.
pallokallo 2013年10月12日下午6:23 
what hell did they do to the engine make this game look so fucking good, year ago I played it looked differend
Rhaegar 2013年10月9日下午12:23 
thx for the support
A. Patriot 2013年10月8日下午12:45 
={GMU}= Jero Maia.Stjk 2013年10月8日上午11:35 
={GMU}= Jero Maia.Stjk 2013年10月8日上午11:35 
tuulenhalkoja 2013年10月8日上午11:24 
bencze. 2013年10月8日上午9:27 
Where do i find classic mode..