PCGamer Hits the Beaches of the Pacific in their Rising Storm Preview

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⌘Ørtona43␘ 2013년 4월 14일 오전 6시 48분 
Also starting the Single Player German Campaigne Chapter 6 and Chapters 3,4,5 achieves have not unlocked yet. Am I doing something wrong here?
⌘Ørtona43␘ 2013년 4월 13일 오후 12시 22분 
Need to get the Server Browser working better, at least mine does not work very well!
Synthetic GoD 2013년 3월 30일 오전 3시 37분 
Not even 1000 people playing RO2 a day.. there are more people playing Darksiders 2 which is a singleplayer only game. I wait and see if those bugs got fixed in RO2 which pissed me off from the beginning. And maybe maybe then i am considering to buy it. But i will wait for Christmas and buy it for 2€or5€ not more. I once bought Digital Deluxe Edition and what did i get? Shit fucking bugs nothing more
GeneralLee_UK 2013년 3월 22일 오후 2시 27분 
Day 1
Kuukkeli 2013년 3월 22일 오전 4시 21분 
I'm looking forward to defending the empire. I did a long and hard campaign against the Shogun's troops in Fall of the Samurai. :p Wouldn't want all that going to waste.
Anjelus 2013년 3월 21일 오전 11시 10분 
Looks great, can't wait to try it.
cowjuice 2013년 3월 21일 오전 7시 09분 
I wish to have the enjoyable times slaughtering whittu pig americans while playing this video game :o)))
[KR] Mikhail 2013년 3월 21일 오전 4시 47분 
tommiegun 2013년 3월 21일 오전 3시 49분 
cant wait to play this game,,,,
i hope for a lot of authentic weaponry.
although the japs didnt had that much impressive weaponry.
SLABB 2013년 3월 21일 오전 1시 28분 
I just dont wanna be JAP