Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 Multiplayer

PCGamer Hits the Beaches of the Pacific in their Rising Storm Preview

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⌘Ørtona43␘ 14 apr 2013, ore 6:48 
Also starting the Single Player German Campaigne Chapter 6 and Chapters 3,4,5 achieves have not unlocked yet. Am I doing something wrong here?
⌘Ørtona43␘ 13 apr 2013, ore 12:22 
Need to get the Server Browser working better, at least mine does not work very well!
Anorexia Nervosa 30 mar 2013, ore 3:37 
Not even 1000 people playing RO2 a day.. there are more people playing Darksiders 2 which is a singleplayer only game. I wait and see if those bugs got fixed in RO2 which pissed me off from the beginning. And maybe maybe then i am considering to buy it. But i will wait for Christmas and buy it for 2€or5€ not more. I once bought Digital Deluxe Edition and what did i get? Shit fucking bugs nothing more
GeneralLee_UK 22 mar 2013, ore 14:27 
Day 1
Kuukkeli 22 mar 2013, ore 4:21 
I'm looking forward to defending the empire. I did a long and hard campaign against the Shogun's troops in Fall of the Samurai. :p Wouldn't want all that going to waste.
Anjelus 21 mar 2013, ore 11:10 
Looks great, can't wait to try it.
cowjuice 21 mar 2013, ore 7:09 
I wish to have the enjoyable times slaughtering whittu pig americans while playing this video game :o)))
_Kim* 21 mar 2013, ore 4:47 
tommiegun 21 mar 2013, ore 3:49 
cant wait to play this game,,,,
i hope for a lot of authentic weaponry.
although the japs didnt had that much impressive weaponry.
SLABB 21 mar 2013, ore 1:28 
I just dont wanna be JAP