Capture The Flag coming to Red Orchestra

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GrimR 16 dic 2012, ore 18:54 
@Fenris, this mod isn't taking away from any of that.
15(Span.)/JG51 Chajas 12 nov 2012, ore 11:34 
Very good
Fenris 2 nov 2012, ore 8:33 
I think improve IA, finish Multiplayer campaign or add new maps and vehicles are relly more important
badboygoy 30 ott 2012, ore 20:07 
Theres tons of maps. Have you even looked at thier forums?
spider 30 ott 2012, ore 16:12 
Capture the flag? Ugh. Any one making maps? Any one. This game needs content. Not more different modes spreading people out over multiple servers.
|KNB| mouse53 25 ott 2012, ore 21:08 
Looks like a cool mod. will be watching for this.
Zig rRat 24 ott 2012, ore 14:35 
Congrats DD Clan! And thanks. Looking forward to playing your mod.
Moskeeto 24 ott 2012, ore 12:50 
I don't think people have basic reading comprehension anymore.
badboygoy 22 ott 2012, ore 17:05 
Hey idiots, TWI didnt make this |DD| community made it for fun. TWI is just helping this get attention.
Geeked 22 ott 2012, ore 9:42 
needs blue tint