Capture The Flag coming to Red Orchestra

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GrimR 16. joulu, 2012 18.54 
@Fenris, this mod isn't taking away from any of that.
15(Span.)/JG51 Chajas 12. marras, 2012 11.34 
Very good
jB.Fenris 2. marras, 2012 8.33 
I think improve IA, finish Multiplayer campaign or add new maps and vehicles are relly more important
IMNOTGAYDAD 30. loka, 2012 20.07 
Theres tons of maps. Have you even looked at thier forums?
spider 30. loka, 2012 16.12 
Capture the flag? Ugh. Any one making maps? Any one. This game needs content. Not more different modes spreading people out over multiple servers.
|KNB| mouse53 25. loka, 2012 21.08 
Looks like a cool mod. will be watching for this.
Lanny's Moustache 24. loka, 2012 14.35 
Congrats DD Clan! And thanks. Looking forward to playing your mod.
Moskeeto 24. loka, 2012 12.50 
I don't think people have basic reading comprehension anymore.
IMNOTGAYDAD 22. loka, 2012 17.05 
Hey idiots, TWI didnt make this |DD| community made it for fun. TWI is just helping this get attention.
Geeked 22. loka, 2012 9.42 
needs blue tint