Rising Storm January Teaser Trailer

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[China] Angus 2012. febr. 4. @ de. 1:00 
This is awesome.
Elincia 2012. jan. 27. @ du. 2:42 
IS this gonna be free to people who have the In B4 Reset Achievement? It should be, although mine never unlocked >.<
Mighty Poo 2012. jan. 27. @ du. 12:06 
Cool, meanwhile I still don't have the limited edition content unlocked in game, not to mention the bunch features that were promised with RO2 on launch that still aren't available. At this stage it'd be pretty hard for me to justify spending more money on the game i'm sorry to say.
Sweet! Snuffeldjuret 2012. jan. 26. @ de. 10:51 
You sound teased as you want more?
MasterionX 2012. jan. 25. @ de. 7:17 
Why having 3 versions of both videos on the channel?
-[SiN]-bswearer 2012. jan. 25. @ de. 12:43 
looks great! perhaps it will be what RO2 should have been
[2nd SS] Codablack 2012. jan. 24. @ du. 11:43 
looks great! when comes out?
Eeyore 2012. jan. 24. @ du. 10:22 
Awesome VID! Cannot wait :D
liquidcactus 2012. jan. 24. @ du. 4:13 
nevermind the SOOK ARSE below me... LOOKS AWESOME .. RELEASssSssse !
Hmm..err 2012. jan. 24. @ de. 11:53 
1) How come the quality of the picture (360p) is so bad?
2) What is supposed to be teasing me in this short vid, with almost nothing new in it? I must say, it's way below any expectations, esp. after the first trailer.