Reopening the Red Orchestra 2 Beta

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Kraft 2. maalis, 2012 5.27 
finally :P
blitz | Base21 1. maalis, 2012 8.21 
Why do you want peoples feedback if you are only going to listen to the CoD players anyway? 29. helmi, 2012 13.36 
Looks good so far. I love the new map. IMO you should consider making it playable with combined arms. I would love to see just a few tanks on there as well.
[K49th]PrivateWho 28. helmi, 2012 19.03 
I had a good time on it last night. Good changes so far, and killer new map.
Theliraan 28. helmi, 2012 9.27 
Well, map is not finished
On Parole 28. helmi, 2012 9.26 
great job! but please fix the rank system, cant rank up after veteran
andy3516 28. helmi, 2012 7.05 
Thanks for your hard work!!!:D
Steadyhand McDuff 28. helmi, 2012 5.58 
I stopped reading at "multiplayer campaign" and instantly downloaded the beta.
=CAM= mb339pan 28. helmi, 2012 3.30 
thanks for the hard work guys :D