What we are up to "Last of 2011 Edition"

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jB.Fenris 27. joulu, 2011 4.50 
i cant find the maps, could you link it?
MILLIONAIRE_WARRIOR 19. joulu, 2011 2.44 
Everyone should play the new maps! You can download them on the RO forums. Check them out, they are great!
Bosco [Execore Host] 18. joulu, 2011 19.40 
Papperskorg 18. joulu, 2011 11.16 
This game is garbage and will never be fixed
[25th] Jacob 18. joulu, 2011 6.34 
the game still crashes
Hmm..err 17. joulu, 2011 17.24 
I can say it all in one sentence:
give us RO 1, only make it BETTER, more advanced, more developed, more detailed, more realistic.
No need for silly polls - almost everyone feels the same!
Janitor 17. joulu, 2011 15.02 
Worst money I ever spent on any game. I don't even care what you are up to. What a massive screw up this game is.
Hmm..err 16. joulu, 2011 10.05 
Yeah, right - now I'm gonna HAVE TO go and register on some TWI forum, so that my voice will be heard? Ain't that a bit off?
Back to the topic: 1,5,9,10 probably 2 as well, but it's just too vaguely described.
Groene_Thee 15. joulu, 2011 7.19 
After months of reading community posts...TWI needs a poll..... TWI = FAIL
Paavi 15. joulu, 2011 7.03 
M4dn3ss: I agree with you