Portal Update Released

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Katsu 9 kwietnia 2017 o 4:08 
Redn2000 9 września 2013 o 10:22 
I wonder why they did this? I mean i liked the way portsals looked before... honestly this isn't much of an upgrade... And Ialso wish there was a way to get the old look back...
Tadakune 19 sierpnia 2013 o 5:35 
Hadamard LP 16 sierpnia 2013 o 22:29 
for the mods and for the updates
Hadamard LP 16 sierpnia 2013 o 22:28 
you know that there alright exist an discusion for that or?
sense 31 lipca 2013 o 11:24 
Mod don't work because they were created to work with GCF files system.
Steam Pipe uses VPK files system.
Mods have to be updated to use the same file system - every mod creator will have to update her/his mod.
Captian Dong 21 lipca 2013 o 2:41 
now all my mods wont work
ᴿᴱᴻᴱ™ 18 lipca 2013 o 12:31 
why did u change the portaö look -.-
StigmataIV 18 lipca 2013 o 11:22 
my portal mods aren't working
BUN1TUN 17 lipca 2013 o 23:21