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For PC, Mac and Linux.

Live a week in the life of "The Postal Dude"; a hapless everyman just trying to check off some chores. Buying milk, returning an overdue library book, getting Gary Coleman's autograph, what could possibly go wrong?

Blast, chop and piss your way through a freakshow of American caricatures in this darkly humorous first-person adventure. Meet Krotchy: the toy mascot gone bad, visit your Uncle Dave at his besieged religious cult compound and battle sewer-dwelling Taliban when you least expect them! Endure the sphincter-clenching challenge of cannibal rednecks, corrupt cops and berserker elephants. Accompanied by Champ, the Dude's semi-loyal pitbull, battle your way through open environments populated with amazingly unpredictable AI. Utilize an arsenal of weapons ranging from a humble shovel to a uniquely hilarious rocket launcher.

Collect a pack of attack dogs! Use cats as silencers! Piss and pour gasoline on anything and everyone! YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO!

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Hey all, thanks for your patience while we dealt with some last-minute issues with the patch. The patch is live now and heading out to DLC owners! Here is the list of fixes:
  • (Paradise Lost) Resolved a bug causing the “Ode to Eddings” and “♥♥♥♥♥es Love Cake” achievements, as well as a handful of P2 achievements, not activating during PL gameplay
  • (Paradise Lost) Major gameplay and performance overhaul in the final boss fight. In particular, the difficulty was reduced greatly, as well as the number of cheap instant kills via hot lava bath.
  • (Paradise Lost) Addressed a random crash that could occur during one of the final boss’s attacks.
  • (Paradise Lost) Resolved a crash (“TEXF_RGBA8”) that could occur during the final “Showdown” sequence at the end of Friday.
  • (Paradise Lost) Addressed a crash (“Out of virtual memory”) that could occur on low-spec machines in the Ghetto and Winter Wonderland maps.
  • (Paradise Lost) Several tweaks to the final “Showdown” series of maps to prevent the player from getting stuck or being killed cheaply.
  • (Paradise Lost) Resolved a bug that could cause one of the final “Showdown” cutscenes to get stuck if a boss was defeated in a particular location.
  • (Paradise Lost) Added badges to the Lawmen to make them more identifiable as authority figures.
  • (Paradise Lost) Made armor more effective against the various bosses.
  • (Paradise Lost) Reduced the amount of money required for the “BioShocked” achievement to $2,000.
  • (Paradise Lost) Removed a trigger from the Hell Hole area that could activate a cutscene prematurely
  • (Paradise Lost) Tweaked the number of objects needed to be destroyed for the Karaoke errand on Thursday
  • (Paradise Lost) Karaoke participants may react violently if the player chooses to destroy the Karaoke bar
  • (Paradise Lost) Fixed a bug where certain bystanders needed for cutscenes would not appear
  • (Paradise Lost) Fixed an issue causing massive slowdown during one of the boss fights in the final “Showdown” sequence.
  • (Paradise Lost) Increased difficulty of the mutant dogs in combat.
  • (Paradise Lost) Resolved an exploit allowing a player to complete the “Collect A/C Parts” errand by repeatedly taking the pickup in the Junkyard.
  • (Paradise Lost) Actors related to the “Check Animal Control” errand are removed after said errand is completed.
  • (Paradise Lost) Fixed bystanders wandering around near the closed-down fast food shops in the Animal Control Center area.
  • (Paradise Lost) Fix for severe lag that could occur if the player is gibbed into chunks while followed by monkeys in the Animal Control Center.
  • (Paradise Lost) Reduced the health of the Yeeland’s Fun Land owner.
  • (Paradise Lost) Fix for certain pawns standing around in certain maps doing nothing.
  • (Paradise Lost) Fix for players with extra health sometimes losing that health before a boss fight.
  • (Paradise Lost) Capped the price of the toilet paper on Tuesday to $999.
  • (Paradise Lost) Player can no longer purchase additional ammo from vending machines when full.
  • (Paradise Lost) Reduced the ambient volume of the automatons in the Robotics Factory.
  • (Paradise Lost) Fixed bystanders getting stuck on the level transition tunnels.
  • (Paradise Lost) Fixed various issues with the Friday introduction cutscene.
  • (Paradise Lost) Fixed gameplay issues at the Medicinal Herb Farm on Friday.
  • (Paradise Lost) Fixed gameplay and visual issues at the Robotics Factory.
  • (Paradise Lost) Resolved crashes that could occur in certain locations on low-performance machines.
  • (Paradise Lost) Fixed several gameplay, visual, and performance issues in The Wipe House and Robotics Factory area.
  • (Paradise Lost) Fixed a bug where underground tunnels would disappear during the Apocalypse, instead rendering a dev-texture box.
  • (Paradise Lost) Fixed a bug where the newspaper would not be taken from the player at the end of the day, preventing the newspaper screen from activating automatically when picked up on the next day.
  • (Paradise Lost) Added vending machines in various locations.
  • (Paradise Lost) Added the water bottle to the Habib’s Power Station vending machine.
  • (Paradise Lost) Various lighting, audio, and collision tweaks and improvements.
  • (Paradise Lost) Reduced overall number of bystanders to improve performance
  • (Paradise Lost) Several performance tweaks on various maps
  • (Paradise Lost) Various new easter eggs
  • (P2 & PL) Added configuration option to prevent game from automatically switching to a picked-up inventory item.
  • (P2 & PL) Improved crash dialog and the Submit Bug Report option to include the map that the game crashed on, and exclude duplicate information.
  • (P2 & PL) Fixed a crash (“Epic fail”) that could occur when loading a saved game.
  • (P2 & PL) Fix for Gary and fat characters using wrong animations in certain situations.
  • (P2 & PL) Reduced the density of certain particle effects to improve performance.
  • (P2 & PL) Fix for lag that can occur if the player is gibbed into chunks.
  • (P2 & PL) Resolved an issue that could cause a cutscene to start up even if the player has been killed, leading to all kinds of weird and undesirable situations.
  • (POSTAL 2) Can now launch the Multiplayer (Share The Pain) and Paradise Lost directly from the POSTAL 2 main menu, and optionally create a desktop shortcut.
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