N++ Ultimate bugfix

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ConfusingDalek Oct 27 @ 7:12am 
The link? Link to what?
tomholtsteele Oct 27 @ 2:04am 
I can't find the link in this thread, please point it out for me..
Precarious Apr 28 @ 11:32am 
Just encountered a new bug: I was checking profile stats, and all of my ? secrets (whether ?, ??, ???, ????, or ?????) now read 0. Gold badges, ! secrets, and N++s are unaffected.
Morty Apr 26 @ 5:52pm 
There's also a bug in Replays for hardcore mode where sometimes it stops the replay if the character suicides. I saw this somewhere and replicated it on my highscore for Intro column 4: 9th 554.867 Morty
Precarious Apr 26 @ 1:54pm 
Just for clarification, there are multiple bugged achievements. In addition to Completionist, I received the Grandmaster achievement without completely fulfilling it, and in the other direction the Hardcore Story achievements still seem unable to unlock.
IQ Final Apr 26 @ 12:10pm 
Any news on the future Linux port?
metanet_raigan  [developer] Apr 26 @ 9:28am 
Thanks everyone -- don't worry, we have a list of all the little UI issues (as well as the bugged achievement). :)
ConfusingDalek Apr 26 @ 9:09am 
Secret codes???
aB1s Apr 26 @ 8:46am 
Please fix the friend highscore list because mine is always empty :/
I know it's not a big deal and don't affect the game heavily but i would love to have this feature aswell like the other players. :D
Besides this ... Thanks for the game, the fixes and all updates! Great work!
Crayon Apr 26 @ 8:18am