Version 1.89 Update now live on Steam - October holds another surprise!

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[RU]Paran0iiik 15. led. 2012 v 11.06 dop. 
Yet didn't play, but I hope it will be possible to hear in game music from a trailer of my future purchase. Looks fine
-[5s7]-WiCkEdToONz 9. říj. 2011 v 7.16 odp. 
agree with Hetz, cant wait for the surprise im sure is going to be awesome.
Hetz 27. zář. 2011 v 1.37 odp. 
Thank you.
It`s amazing that you still support Nation Red.
That`s so rare with all these huge companies releasing what barely deserves to be called a beta, grabbing our money and never bothering to fix the damn thing.
I will definitely buy all your future games.
-[5s7]-WiCkEdToONz 27. zář. 2011 v 10.00 dop. 
awesome thanks