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For those with robes ready.

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The official Magicka Group, where wizards of all colors may join in duels of words and share their wisdom...

If you liked this game, we would gladly accept you into our Paradox family! We are a nice bunch, and we hope to see you on our official forums![] Maybe you will find another game of ours that would be to your liking if you pay us a visit?

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To celebrate our launch week we are kicking off an awesome promotion to reward YOU awesome people!

Every time you play a game you have the chance to receive something special as an end-of-round reward, a Golden Ticket.

This ticket makes you eligible to receive something from a stash of either in-game rewards or awesome gaming hardware!

Example prizes: A huge fat wallet of Gold Crowns, a gaming keyboard, a gaming mouse, a headset, or even a graphics card!


  • Winners will be announced each day at 17:00 CEST. No need to inform us, we know if you received a ticket.
  • First winners announced 29th April 2015, final winners announced 6th May 2015.
  • The daily list of winners will appear on both our Steam Announcements and shortly after 17:00 CEST each day.


"This is just a Golden Ticket, how do I know what I won?" The Golden Ticket basically puts you in a pool of eligible winners each day, you find out what your prize is when we update the posts after 17:00.

"Which game modes are eligible?" Any game that normally gives you a chance of end-of-round rewards can drop a Golden Ticket.

"How can I up my chances of winning?" Play Soul Harvest!

"Lol, can't I just go AFK/duel a friend/trade wins to game the system?" No, you cannot. You will be disqualified and barred from any future chances of winning. We are smarter than we look! ;)

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