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For those with robes ready.

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The official Magicka Group, where wizards of all colors may join in duels of words and share their wisdom...

If you liked this game, we would gladly accept you into our Paradox family! We are a nice bunch, and we hope to see you on our official forums![forum.paradoxplaza.com] Maybe you will find another game of ours that would be to your liking if you pay us a visit?

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Hi Folks!

PLEASE NOTE: Servers are down for maintenance. We expect them to be up and running some time this afternoon (CET). Thank you for your patience.

We really wanted to get some bigger balance changes in before we patched, unfortunately though some extra-thorough last-minute QA meant we didn't have the resources needed. As such please see what we DID fit in below:

[Magicks] Geyser and tornado now has longer telegraphs, tornados speed increased, both magicks now have shorter duration, shorter air time for caught players and longer cast-animation (from 0.8sec to 2sec).

[Magicks] Fixed proper teleport settings (3 years in the making), changed max distance from 10 to 7.5m, min from 2 to 1m.

[Spells] Lightning is now blocked by storms and not barriers, initial arc width reduced from 37.5 to 30 degrees.

As I said, we DID have some other changes on the cards, I'll try and get NDKarlsson to pop onto the forums with a post and we can have a proper chat about them. :)

Additionally, these are the changes you will see rolling out today.

New Mastery Progression Tree
We've completely reworked how a Wizard progresses in their pursuit of battleground domination. In addition to the store format we have now we have implemented a "Mastery" tree.

Simply put, it's a great big beast of a tree that allows you to choose where you want to specialise your Wizard, you can choose to build along a particular element specialisation, or work on many at the same time. The choice is yours.

Mastery Tokens will be awarded at the end of round, so those unscrupulous Wizards who tend to flee from battle will wish to re-think their decisions.

Important Note: Any existing items you own, regardless where they may appear in the Mastery tree are still owned and useable by you. Anything you owned/could use before theses changes remains the same.

Random Loot at Round End
On the subject of reasons to stick around until the end of a round, random free stuff!

Now at the end of round you can be gifted with any number of goodies, it may be crowns, it could be Mastery Tokens, it could be a robe. Who doesn't like extra chances at shiny stuff? :)

Level Locks Removed, All Items Purchased With Crowns
This one is a biggie. All level locks have been removed from items, as have real-money prices. From here on out all purchases will be made with Gold Crowns.

We heard your feedback about the progression system and decided to do this big overhaul in conjunction with the new Mastery system. Now it is possible to get any item you could wish for in the game at any point you wish (Mastery tree unlocks excluded), just be prepared to put in some effort to earn it!

For those of you sitting on a big Crown stockpile...congrats!

Revamped Magicks Screen
In combination with the Mastery/store rework we've removed crystals as a purchasing currency on the Magicks screen.

NOTE: Although your crystals will no longer be shown in the UI your current total is recorded.

Got a tonne of crystals? The next point is for you.

Crafting Button
You will notice the ominous appearance of a crafting button on the UI. This is not immediately in use yet, but preparation for the crafting system. Expect to see a use for those crystals here.

Stasis Magick
Does the thrill of battle sometimes get a little TOO thrilling? Fancy a break now and then?

If so, the new "Stasis" Magick is for you! You know the little yellow bubble from the start of Duel Mode? You get one of those, whenever you like! Beware: Whatever intended to kill you when you popped your stasis Magick could well still be there to kill you when it wears of...

Frostbomb Magick
This Tier 2 Magick does exactly what it says on the tin, it's a bomb...of frost. Call down a frozen bomb that after a few seconds will explode, dealing Cold damage in an AOE.

Consumable Magicks
Would you rather try-before-you-buy? Like to save your mastery points for something else other than Magicks?

You can now purchase consumable Magick scrolls to enable you to use Magicks you don't yet own for a limited number of charges.

Note: This doesn't change the mechanics of Magicks in any way, or give access to "exclusive" Magicks. It merely allows those who have not unlocked Magicks yet a method of having access to them, they function the same as if you owned the Magick.

Crown Packs/Starter Packs
In order to complement the new store set-up and progression system we have added new Crown packs and Starter packs. Starter Packs will contain a mixture of Crowns, Magick Scrolls and Mastery points.

Netcode Stuff!
Our network coding Wizard is starting to show the fruits of his efforts, the focus so far has been primarily on beams. The new changes should be particularly apparent to those with higher latency.

Note: We have noticed some weird behavior from the Teleport Magick. We are on it.

Got any questions? Please check the Q&A thread first!

The Wizard Wars Team
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