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Mare Nostrum Afrikafeldzug 40-43

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Experience some of the fiercest battles of WWII across North Africa with Mare Nostrum. Building on the realistic, tactical game play that made Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45 a fan favourite, Mare Nostrum lets players battle it out in an all new setting.

Featuring British, Australian, German and Italian nations, choose from a range of authentic weaponry or crew one of 10 fully realised vehicles. With 8 different battle environments the game play is varied from gritty street to street fighting in urban surroundings to all out tank warfare in the open desert. This is North Africa, but not like you have seen it before.

Mare Nostrum YouTube Channel
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7 is a mystic digit...
Exactly 7 years ago we had recorded our first FightNight event and have put it on our YouTube channel. As The Community we did play earlier but when mods came the "event" type of gameplay has became needed so on the recording of those gameplays more or less required as the first one which was a mark of max peak players playing which was (at the time) 40 people! ;) Next videos were more like game v-logs more or less edited but now you have hundreds of gameplay hours there. We don't know what the status of RedOrchestra(pl) and mods will be in next 7 years (or even in next 3) but as seven is the digit with meaning in several cultures we hope that the marking that day might be "good luck" to the future ;)
Cutting astrological(or so) crap out - the first recorded event was Mare Nostrum:

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