Pre-Order Giveaway Madness!

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poo 30 декември 2013 в 6:05след. 
Sascha 27 ноември 2009 в 1:02след. 
Engine Error: IVP Failed at D:\L4D\src\ivp\ivp\ivp_utility\ivp_vhash.cxx 157
Geezus 11 ноември 2009 в 8:17сут. 
long live valve
gb7zone7 10 ноември 2009 в 10:25след. 
Mr. Freeman, go suck a railroad spike and hire someone to choke you with it cause you are very wrong. This is a great idea, made me have a reason to get it even more.
Borreguete -pt- 7 ноември 2009 в 4:47след. 
A nice game with a heavy crap engine...sadly
Marius! 7 ноември 2009 в 9:11сут. 
valve sure wants peopole to buy that game
Rafterman 6 ноември 2009 в 8:32след. 
Vavle has it's ways . . . :P
ShortBus Sniperkn1fe 6 ноември 2009 в 12:07след. 
Mr.Freeman just because you suck at a game doesnt mean you can diss it
[ZCC] Zombie Chicken 6 ноември 2009 в 5:55сут. 
Woo! And Mr.Freeman, TF2 is an epic game and you just say you hate it because you can't play it..
Nightward 5 ноември 2009 в 3:36сут. 
I got it! best hat ever!