Left 4 Dead 2 Ratings Update

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Gl1tch 2009年11月3日下午5:54 
Yeah, when I shot an infected with teh uzi i nthe demo, it's fucking spine was poking out...
Scizzoid 2009年10月11日下午2:18 
Deadpool Dash 2009年10月5日下午12:47 
18 or not (which im not) im gettin it
Knoxeh 2009年10月4日上午9:30 
Valve is not bankrupt. If they were, they wouldnt be still supplying the steam service. This game is a completely different game from the original. Everything is almost changed a littlebit.
Smoothie Dick 2009年10月3日下午4:52 
Really? An "M" Rating? Am I Surprised? Hell No!
UncleBadTouch 2009年10月2日下午7:52 
u get demo in oc 27th
Allon 2009年10月2日下午12:00 
Why is it that i have to pay 45 euro's for it while someone from norway can get it forn 35! i want fair prices
[cf] YellowBanana. 2009年10月2日上午11:51 
Ok wtf i got the game but why cant i play the demo it does say there is one if you pre order
nik-323 2009年10月1日下午7:04 
Wow dude (DOING HOMEWORK), do you honestlly think that everything on l4d2 could just be added to l4d? Its not that simple
Comrade 2009年10月1日下午6:10 
18+? holy friggin crap!