GameSpy's New Left 4 Dead 2 Exclusive Preview

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Crimbot 2009年7月23日 17時54分 
A guys get left 4 dead 2 at GameFly.Com Hurry!!!
Worminator 2009年7月22日 23時14分 
Can people stop complaing that it looks like L4D 1 and how itsgoing to be the same.....its an entirely new game and very different from the first stop whinging
jerry lft gold pyro s17 2009年7月22日 19時59分 
omgwtfbbq I CANNNOT WAIT!!!
Pluto 2009年7月22日 16時58分 
when will the game be pre-orderable on steam?

or will i be able to get acess to the demo if i pre-orderd at a game stop?
ۜ๖ۜҚҚ ۜ๖ۜҚ!ŁŁ3Я 2009年7月22日 15時22分 
i buy it ^^
CyniK 2009年7月22日 13時22分 
@ JV if the care gameplay wasnt the same then it wouldnt be Left 4 Dead it would be a new game... Thats like portal without a portal gun
Gamer45630 2009年7月22日 9時32分 
this game is going to be so cool!
JLB 2009年7月22日 6時01分 
YEAH, YEAH. Swamps look yarrwesome, mud men will be nasty and so does the spitter, M16 COME TO PAPA!!11 The campaign is so like the Blood Harvest which i liked the most from the first game. This game will be really pwnsome, and so will be l4d1, i will keep both games on mah pc even if l4d1 owners won't be given some bonus content.

And also the hunting rifle, old one, is t1 now, watch the swamp video - the others have t1 weapons while Charlie, playing as Rochelle, wields a hunting rifle.
Btw Rochelle pain sounds are nasty, i will have to turn mah sound off. Just like with teh zoey.
Lady Funk 2009年7月21日 17時59分 
Yeah, and i thought left 4 dead was good :P l4d 2 rules get a demo of iit already
[TFF] JV 2009年7月21日 6時58分 
I'm not being funny, but apart from the obvious statement of new models, Left4Dead2 looks pretty much the same as #1. The only thing i can see different about gameplay is the fact that the character bar is a little more spaced out. meh.