Rock, Paper, Shotgun shows off Swamp Fever level and screenshots

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Ace 22 aug 2009 om 8:24nm 
anyone now the new special infected?i know theres a howler or screamer and a spitter and charger but wat else?
<S.H.M.> JakersCD 17 aug 2009 om 11:34nm 
looking forward to this way to much until dad told me no more bloody videogames or teh computers gone but maybe when i get my laptop adn can hide : ) I sill have 3 months lol
† Filthacide † 17 aug 2009 om 7:44vm 
what is a Screamer/Howler, what does it do? sounds awesome
Ein 10 aug 2009 om 7:20vm 
They going to actually make the screamer/howler as a boss infected? that would be a great idea in my opinion.
Dr. Stockhausen 9 aug 2009 om 1:29vm 
Cool, looks great!
Division of Zero 6 aug 2009 om 4:25nm 
I wonder how they're going to figure in the charger pounding in versus. There's a gameplay video of what I'm assuming is the charger punching a survivor across the map and then pounding him. If that's possible... fucking sweet.
DatBit 5 aug 2009 om 10:04vm 
Want Now...
Purps 31 jul 2009 om 1:35vm 
cant believe its released in like 3 months D':
Sam B. 30 jul 2009 om 3:02nm 
it looks sweet looking to versus as the charger and spitter
vai90 29 jul 2009 om 1:18nm 
@Gentek: Doch kommt eine