Eurogamer's Left 4 Dead 2 Hands On Preview

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Quavic 2009年7月21日上午2:48 
I want the left 4 dead 2 demo :S
syrup 2009年7月10日下午10:53 
Boycotters are retarded.
Game-Tiger 2009年7月9日上午2:39 
The want to boycott the game as a New version so they get it free like an expansion...thats stupid...all expansion cost some money...They want free this World The only thing is free is the air with breathe...all other things cost money!!!
Hunkerson Blatoria 2009年7月7日上午9:38 
That would would make it alot worse and 30 odd thousand people quite angry -_-
SegwayRulz 2009年7月7日上午4:38 
steam should destroy the l4d2 boycott group, why would anyone boycoott such a good game?
[EM] Shark 2009年7月6日下午12:26 
PCG is waaayy better! LONG LIVE TIM AND TOM!
[PCC] TuGaX 2009年7月6日上午9:42 
BATTLEFIELD 1943, Xbox day 8 and PS3 day 9
x u n [N] n y _#aNN 2009年7月6日上午8:52 
@}-->-- L . e . f . t . 4 . D . e . a . d . 2 --<--{@
Divine Rapier 2009年7月6日上午8:52 
Wow.. i thoug they where only bitching on youtube for first comments.. even here? man you guys are faggots.
Rokeden 2009年7月6日上午8:52 
"...multiplayer demo that will be made available pre-release." \o/