Left 4 Dead 2

Good Guy Nick Returns!

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iPhone 2 гру о 10:42 
When will be avaiable for free wqeekend again??? need Good guy Nick
Jaybull 6 сер о 17:05 
hes my favorite chracter and he became nicer GREAT!
♠ Brun094 ♠ 6 сер о 0:50 
You guys could change the ach, because some people never had the chace to get it, chance to help someone new in the game or that didn't play a campaing yet
ŁΣΣ 4 чер о 8:38 
so many people need this archievment, 4 july coming soon valve, think about this
UCS 21 кві о 11:02 
Sempre achei que ele tinha mol cara de bandidão mesmo u.u
Brony Prevedus 16 лют о 11:36 
Me too never had or lost all chances to get it - it's ONLY ONE ACH, I NEED TO 100% completeing
yao199 (UA) 29 лис 2015 о 12:02 
it would be so awesome to have an opportunity for such newcome players like me to get this achievemen...never had a chance
Lazz [HAX] 17 лют 2015 о 1:23 
Зубодробилка 8 чер 2014 о 18:38 
body no nobody 28 гру 2013 о 14:25