Left 4 Dead 2

Good Guy Nick Returns!

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yao199 (UA) 29 Νοε στις 12:02μμ 
it would be so awesome to have an opportunity for such newcome players like me to get this achievemen...never had a chance
StatTrak Sanya™ 17 Φεβ στις 1:23πμ 
Зубодробилка 8 Ιουν, 2014 στις 6:38μμ 
NanoIV 28 Δεκ, 2013 στις 2:25μμ 
XHeadless 5 Δεκ, 2013 στις 3:17μμ 
FroTTy ! 19 Νοε, 2013 στις 10:47πμ 
:tyki_taс 10 Αυγ, 2013 στις 12:49πμ 

xXjassperdolphinXx 31 Ιουλ, 2013 στις 6:48μμ 
are yu really sp00n?
τяεε 30 Ιουλ, 2013 στις 10:46μμ 
@all who didn't know nick was a criminal 1. his dialogue are suttle hints hes a criminal 2. one of his rings has a gang symbol 3. he just looks like a mafia guy :/
τяεε 30 Ιουλ, 2013 στις 10:44μμ 
@MEXICAN_JESUS actually i think thats vince's story from the walking dead 400 days DLC lol