Holiday Gift Giving Time!

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Khornedias 10 分以前 
It was awesome that you(Steam) do this!!!
Xrayshooter11 7 小時以前 
Come on!! I got back on steam the day after the deal went away
romanb11703 04 月 14 @ 3:45下午 
Man,I hope it comes Christmas 2014!
DetailGFX 04 月 14 @ 6:09上午 
want this really badly but didn't know about it being free as I was spending time with my family:c if anyone could gift me it I'd be sooo grateful,I'd play it with you too:) Really want this game:(
Hunter Burgers 04 月 14 @ 12:26上午 
I had gotten the game but a update appeared and said I need to purchase it. It says I have 32 minutes and I still have my achievements but it won't let me play no matter what. Can someone suggest something.
ItsChester 04 月 13 @ 1:59下午 
ive bought the game start 2012 goddamit
look250 04 月 13 @ 1:23上午 
I was late,too :c
Doge 04 月 12 @ 8:58上午 
Someone doesnt play the game can gift me it? :c
Doge 04 月 12 @ 8:57上午 
I was late :c
吊你 04 月 11 @ 1:19上午 
damn it i havn't get the l4d2 for free! FUCK