Holiday Gift Giving Time!

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rad brad 7月23日上午10:21 
mother fuckerssssssssssss
Walter White 7月16日下午12:08 
They wont give it for free again, they already did it, if you missed it shut up and deal with it, why dont you spend some money on the game? It doesnt cost so much on disscounts, and is always disscounted, Why dont you guys buy it if "you really love the game" as some ppl says here
Lorenzo Von Matterhorn 7月4日下午4:22 
Valve please do this again i need this one !
left 4 dead 2 delisi 7月4日上午6:49 
plese gift left 4 dead 2
Mihai 6月22日下午11:19 
Valve,if you love us,do this again.NOW!
CodeName.Jedi 6月22日下午12:07 
more please!!!
PӨLICΣMΛƬЯЇЖ 6月21日上午11:42 
dec 25 cmon CHET any news on l4d2 ? is it officially abandon ="(((( BTW good work with VAC lately ;D
Elsanna 6月21日上午6:25 
VALVE i love u
sercraft64 6月21日上午6:10 
free summer sale pls
Dry|D_Iced007 6月20日下午10:16 
Summer Sale! hahaha