Holiday Gift Giving Time!

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The Green Guitar 19. huhti 11.50 
I got it :D
Unusual Gamer 17. huhti 17.50 
Man Valve Are the most wonderful developer of all time
Atraue 17. huhti 9.33 
Same Xrayshooter11...
[Ynot] Vault Hunter Inc. 16. huhti 21.52 
right when i had nothin for christmas, you cheered me up with a holiday cheer by giving me this game for FREE. Thank you so much Valve, and I also enjoyed it! You are the best
[Ynot] Vault Hunter Inc. 16. huhti 21.51 
thank you i enjoy this game a lot
Khornedias 16. huhti 9.43 
It was awesome that you(Steam) do this!!!
Xrayshooter 16. huhti 1.55 
Come on!! I got back on steam the day after the deal went away
romanb11703 14. huhti 15.45 
Man,I hope it comes Christmas 2014!
DetailGFX 14. huhti 6.09 
want this really badly but didn't know about it being free as I was spending time with my family:c if anyone could gift me it I'd be sooo grateful,I'd play it with you too:) Really want this game:(
Hunter Burgers 14. huhti 0.26 
I had gotten the game but a update appeared and said I need to purchase it. It says I have 32 minutes and I still have my achievements but it won't let me play no matter what. Can someone suggest something.