Holiday Gift Giving Time!

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The Green Guitar For 12 timer siden 
I got it :D
Unusual Gamer 17. apr kl. 5:50pm 
Man Valve Are the most wonderful developer of all time
Atraue 17. apr kl. 9:33am 
Same Xrayshooter11...
Vault Hunter Inc. 16. apr kl. 9:52pm 
right when i had nothin for christmas, you cheered me up with a holiday cheer by giving me this game for FREE. Thank you so much Valve, and I also enjoyed it! You are the best
Vault Hunter Inc. 16. apr kl. 9:51pm 
thank you i enjoy this game a lot
Khornedias 16. apr kl. 9:43am 
It was awesome that you(Steam) do this!!!
Xrayshooter 16. apr kl. 1:55am 
Come on!! I got back on steam the day after the deal went away
romanb11703 14. apr kl. 3:45pm 
Man,I hope it comes Christmas 2014!
DetailGFX 14. apr kl. 6:09am 
want this really badly but didn't know about it being free as I was spending time with my family:c if anyone could gift me it I'd be sooo grateful,I'd play it with you too:) Really want this game:(
Hunter Burgers 14. apr kl. 12:26am 
I had gotten the game but a update appeared and said I need to purchase it. It says I have 32 minutes and I still have my achievements but it won't let me play no matter what. Can someone suggest something.