Holiday Gift Giving Time!

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Gordon Freeman For 55 minutter siden 
@Below Yeah. I completely missed it. My friend was going to tell me but I was offline :L
ShadowHunter99 For 1 time siden 
Hope they do the same when summer comes.
ƘreatoƦ For 7 timer siden 
Thank you so much
ACM Cpl. Flamer927 For 19 timer siden 
thank u very much
Tank 21. apr kl. 5:36am 
Me Hope ME could got this
The Green Guitar 19. apr kl. 11:50am 
I got it :D
Unusual Gamer 17. apr kl. 5:50pm 
Man Valve Are the most wonderful developer of all time
Atraue 17. apr kl. 9:33am 
Same Xrayshooter11...
[Ynot] Vault Hunter Inc. 16. apr kl. 9:52pm 
right when i had nothin for christmas, you cheered me up with a holiday cheer by giving me this game for FREE. Thank you so much Valve, and I also enjoyed it! You are the best
[Ynot] Vault Hunter Inc. 16. apr kl. 9:51pm 
thank you i enjoy this game a lot