Holiday Gift Giving Time!

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ZSG I KonradPL199546 há 20 horas 
we wait on 25 december 2014 on again free Left 4 Dead 2!!!
Scoqupt(Semih Artukarslan) 30 de set às 9:12 
no free ?
hahahah 18 de set às 0:58 
Hi, I am one of the Steam user.That I want to play it for free, I do not have a lot of money by.
Can I receive a free Christmas when this game again?
Miro [FIN] 14 de set às 4:16 
So bad that my Computer didn't work that day
PewDiePie || Trade Games | HERE 10 de set às 1:06 
[Have] ARK SOULS™ II - 50%OFF coupon (Valid until 11.9.2014 20:39:56)

[Want] err -steam or keys offers (no coupon)

full price of game is 39.99€ ($51.82)

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레비너 23 de ago às 15:24 
Zer0_ 18 de ago às 9:19 
huh i never knew they did this!
Good thing i had the game before this (or i think i had it before this idk)!
RNGR ● Irresistible 4 de ago às 10:25 
Catlover123 25 de jul às 12:35 
If you missed it sry now stop posting comments like valve plz do it again plz valve should have installed it ;)
add me shark 23 de jul às 10:21 
mother fuckerssssssssssss