Healthpackalypse, Glitches, Game on your phone?

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DeadEthan 2011年11月12日下午4:13 
I would much rather play a bad ass game on the computer, than play a small game on a phone, where the battery will last like one or two hours because of all the awesome graphics/sounds etc. It's not worth it to make a zombie game on a small screen. Improve the game that you already have, and make this awesome thing even better.
WOOG 2011年10月6日上午7:05 
Введите сюда текст комментария...
Drunken Baker 2011年9月29日下午8:20 
the world is turning into Wall-E fast enough as it is. Please, valve, do not add to it by making l4d for the phones. Focus you time on making new maps, people will buy it for PC if their friends advertise it, you advertise it, and it consistently updated.
milkboy48 2011年9月29日上午7:48 
can anyone help me i bought a left 4 dead 2 and now it wont let me play because it sais that the cd key i put in was duplicated and now i need a cd key please help
josequezada 2011年9月26日下午5:24 
hola keria desirte se me agregas atu steam para ser amigos beno mi correo es ellis1200 vueno adios
SavvY 2011年9月25日下午11:40 
gaming on phones is for sitting in waiting rooms at hospitals and dentists and will never be anything more... ITS A PHONE
Pewds 2011年9月25日下午1:37 
no i don,t
Mr Catman 2011年9月25日下午12:20 
Never game on my phone.
Quizzicality 2011年9月24日下午1:40 
Only time I game on my phone is at work when I don't have anything to do.
ᕦ ͜ʖ ᕤ Spînge 2011年9月23日下午8:41 
i like turtles