Cold Stream is Out!

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Candy 27 okt 2012 om 7:25vm 
Addon for game Left 4 Dead (2), which make your game more comfortable and open up many functions.
Nero 26 okt 2012 om 12:31nm 
Want L4D2 GIFT! Can give DOTA2 GIFT! Add me!
Naagle 13 okt 2012 om 2:33nm 
Max Caulfield 7 okt 2012 om 2:37vm 
Oh hell yeah!
Jenny 17 sep 2012 om 7:58vm 
Server > #Free Arena 20Vs | Fast game | No buy
[GMG]★★Angel Of Death★ 31 aug 2012 om 3:09nm 
xbox gt zomkilla805
DOGE <3 28 aug 2012 om 10:09vm 
My favourite campaing!
ɾεḋhαṉḋεḋʐøεÿ11 25 aug 2012 om 4:19nm 
Also, if any1 have xbox live, my gamertag is akasha0wolf
ɾεḋhαṉḋεḋʐøεÿ11 25 aug 2012 om 4:18nm 
I don't think valve would make it to 3. But i would probably look it on internet.