June 15th Update - Nightmare, What do Zombies think?

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Aff. Stop Following Me! Screwjob 22 Οκτ, 2012 @ 6:23μμ 
So... This is inpiring, for sure idealizating a game on a real big company can begin with no chapping knowledge, it can be made as u like the only request is that everyone understand, oh wait! Also a zombie would think like this: if they eat your flash the pain will go away for some seconds, from the pain they are now creazy and from the gore they are psicotic, the feel rage like someone bitten by a bat or rat, they feel theyr heads almost explowding fromthe pain, and the feeling of crazinest will only sucum from the pleasure of not feel pain for a second, they see u as the only ticket for feel fine, they don´t expect anything no more, they will run and attack, they will get u becuse they are not like u no more, they are zombies, and your flash is in the way of them feeling just normal as they will ever get. 0.o
Naagle 13 Οκτ, 2012 @ 2:33μμ 
bryantuprincipe123 16 Σεπ, 2012 @ 12:22μμ 
al diablo no les entiendo nada