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Killing Floor: COOP Survival Horror

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Community tournament organizer JediMart has asked us to pass along the following:

Killing Floor Games Tournament 2016

Click here for the tournament flyer[]

Calling all Badasses!
Welcome to the Killing Floor Games Badass Winter Tournament 2016!

What are the Killing Floor Games, you ask yourself?
The KFG is a long running community games event for Killing Floor, hence the “Killing Floor Games”.
The KFG this time around consists of 1 distinct tournament category:
Badass Tournament (Hell On Earth with level 4 perk)

Beginner, Veteran?! Forget about that, this is the Badass Tournament, the ultimate badassery level reaching a new climax.

Killing Floor Veterans are going back to the gym for some bench pressing and getting into shape again! This is Hell On Earth with specials and restrictions.

You all know what this means right? We’re back with another grueeeesome event! You will get to watch Zeds being decapitated, mutilated, burned, blown full of holes and much more! But you gonna need a team, otherwise we’ll have to line you next up to my grandma!

Need a Team?
Anyone who enjoys playing Killing Floor and would like to participate in this new and challenging tournament can do so, with the help of our very own Team Builder. Whether you are flying solo or part of a small group. We take great pleasure in getting players together, helping them form teams and making this tournament available to everyone. Please click on the Team Builder Link below to join the fun:

Like to be more involved?
We have a KFG steam group where we announce live-streams and keep people updated on events. If you are a player, spectator or just want to stay informed you can join our Steam group at:

Sign-up & live-streams
During the later stage of the tournament matches will be streamed live on our dedicated Twitch channel which can be found here:

If you have a Twitch account then you can follow our channel and be alerted the moment the stream starts!

For more information and to sign-up visit our website:
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