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Killing Floor Update 1014

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Biscuit 20 окт. 2010 в 20:40 
Really? Won't buy a game if it has too many achievments? Why, that's idiotic? You are cutting yourself off from great games just because they have a lot of achievments? Anyways my point about the LAW is that it is not worth having in place of the 6 shot nade launcher combo single shot launcher at any point in the game except for the Patriarch round. This makes it a nearly useless weapon. More ammo and maybe increasing the reload rate would help to compensate this setback. The other issue is that you cannot use pipes while carrying the LAW. Major oversight!
Trion792 15 окт. 2010 в 11:04 
@Eth!c [Nutty] Melon no dont say that...maybe some noobs will buy it and get killed and will quit kf 4ever <3 :)
Maelon 15 окт. 2010 в 6:48 
lol remove SCAR.. no one needs it anymore now that its useless.
Biscuit 15 окт. 2010 в 6:45 
I have a complaint that isn't based on the content of the update. What about more achievments?
Biscuit 15 окт. 2010 в 6:41 
I like your idea [N]STAR420, but I think it would be better to make a set of sub classes to chose from. Say something like a perk that gives you extra ammo, or speedier reload, or extra damage. These would all be simple non-leveling mini perks that could be chosen in the perk menu. They could be class specific, but It think it would be more work that way and would make some people very unhappy. If this is seen as too complicated, the the same idea could be implemented via items with 0 weight, but the buying of an item means the exclusion of the others so as to not make the system broken. You could have a bandolier to increase ammo capacity, a weapon sling for better accuracy/less recoil, a purchasable flashlight attachment to be placed on weapon of choice etc.
Biscuit 15 окт. 2010 в 6:34 
This was a great update, but I feel there are a few problems with it. First, the lowering of the damage of the Scar is a horrible idea since it was barely able to drop a Scrake in a single clip before, and didn't even scratch Fleshpounds. Moving the law to the demo perk was great, but there was an oversight. It is the only weapon carriable, slow to load and you only have 15 rounds. Arguably the first issue might be explained as it is meant to take on the Partiarch. However the slow reload and the limited ammunition make it a highly inferior weapon to the m32 grenade launcher. Upping the damage was not enough to make it any kind of benefit to the Demo.
On a side note, those of you comlaining about the Mac-10 are idiots. It is designed to help the firebug do three things, conserve flamethrower ammo, consevre flamethrower ammo while making it easy for the firebug to sweep crawlers and help take on husks. It does all three of these very well, so stop complaining.
STAR4LF 14 окт. 2010 в 8:40 
Wait I have a neat idea for perks and such, instead of making a lvl 7 or something how about giving each of the characters perks; nothing much but little stuff like one guy has more speed or more strength or his suit offers more resistance and as always they have there disadvantages and this could indeed help balance some stuff out.
Ferrorfin 14 окт. 2010 в 3:04 
lol the MAC-10 is also held with 2 hands in thirdperson
Arte Fawx 13 окт. 2010 в 19:25 
Stealthcat 13 окт. 2010 в 19:03 
The MAC-10 firing sound in third person is the same as the AK. And lowering the damage of the SCAR was pointless and retarded.