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ausQuoll 3 Fev, 2011 às 18:21 
50 player servers please.
Stormchaser 1 Fev, 2011 às 21:15 
There ARE NO BETA or demo... its been confirmed.
myfacewhen 30 Jan, 2011 às 17:14 
Ninguinha 30 Jan, 2011 às 9:43 
Is there going to be a Beta? I haven't seen much FPS action in trailers. I want to get a feel for it before I decide to buy it.
Methyl 30 Jan, 2011 às 0:22 
Glad that you guys have realised that Steam is the best DRM out there. Although, i do believe that 64 players would be a nice feature, if not a little too crowded.
JoeFabooch 29 Jan, 2011 às 14:19 
I am ecstatic about how much PC love this game is gettin!
Dingus Khan 29 Jan, 2011 às 14:15 
awesome- a developer that knows their way around pc is a good one. thanks guys
DerpFag 29 Jan, 2011 às 14:11 
Good One