Homefront PC Details!

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romariograyd 1. aug 2011 kl. 5:07am 
Help, the Key is necessary to me. плиз but very much it would be desirable to play
technical 4. jul 2011 kl. 5:48am 
Pi 24. maj 2011 kl. 7:00am 
IllicitInstinct 14. maj 2011 kl. 8:45am 
when is the uk gonna get this game?
Silver 18. feb 2011 kl. 2:03pm 
Home Front!!!!!!!!!!
Himeko -ヒメコ- 13. feb 2011 kl. 7:56am 
Oh I soooo can't wait for this game to release!!! <3
myfacewhen 30. jan 2011 kl. 5:18pm 
If you dont want 64 players, then do 48 players , 24 vs 24, sounds pretty fair
BAWB FAGET 29. jan 2011 kl. 2:19pm 
Just hope its polished and optimized unlike Frontlines, which had potential.
[2nd SS] Codablack 28. jan 2011 kl. 10:31pm 
There is 3D yay!
Mithra 28. jan 2011 kl. 7:16pm 
Thank god we finally got some specs