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Heroes & Generals is a Free2Play Massive Online FPS with a Strategic Multiplayer Campaign that takes place during World War II.

Players can choose to play as 'Heroes' fighting in the trenches or take a step back and manage battlefield assets, army units and reinforcements as 'Generals'.

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The brand new update named Zhukov (after the Soviet Marshal Georgy Konstantinovich Zhukov[]) we’ve added a LOT of new features! And here’s a quick overview of the new features we’ve added for you to enjoy!

Check out this brand new videolog detailing the new toys and features in the Zhukov update right here:

New Features
Soviet T-70 light tank
This update brings a brand new high-end light tank to the Soviet arsenal. The nimble, but hard-hitting T-70. Read more about it here.

German Panzerkampfwagen II, Ausf. L. ‘Luchs’
Another great new feature is the last version of the Panzerkampfwagen II, the ‘L’ version aka the ‘Luchs’ (Lynx). Read more about the little beast here.

Ba-6 Armored Scout Car
In this update the Soviet recon will be the first faction with TWO scout cars, read more about the brand new Ba-6 here. 6 wheels and a tank turret, what’s not to love?

New Soviet M1895 Nagant revolver
A powerful 7-round revolver with the option to upgrade the ammunition to the large and powerful Leonov Medved round. Check it out here.

Tank Camouflage
This update adds another batch of camouflage paint jobs for tanks such as the US M24 Chaffee, German Panzerkampfwagen I Ausf. A, US M2A2 Light tank and the Soviet T-38 Model 1937

Updates to the Depot map
Based on player-feedback, heatmaps and other data, we have improved the Depot map to make it even more fun.

There is of course much more happening in the build, so continue reading for more details…

Other Changes
Here is a list of some additional features in the Zhukov update.
  • Stabilized German R75 motorcycle to stop it flipping so easy
  • Tweaks to onscreen blood spatter effect (toned it down)
  • Capture progress is once again shown in the deploy menu
  • Anti-Cheat updates
  • Upgraded M3A1 Halftrack graphics and handling
  • Panzerkampfwagen II, Ausf. C default ammo boosted damage
  • Panzerkampfwagen II, Ausf. C lowered magazine size from 20 to 10.
…and much more…


Ending support for Windows XP
This will be the last update supporting Windows XP. Microsoft ended their support in April 2014, so there has not been any security etc. updates for more than one and a half years. So, if you’re still running XP now is the time to upgrade as the next update to Heroes & Generals (in early 2016) will no longer be playable on Windows XP.

Mobile Command
Mobile Command on Android and iOS has been updated to support the newly added Zhukov update.

For a more detailed changelog take a look at: this forum thread
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