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As some of you may have noticed, the discount program has been causing issues. Due to the nature of how digital store discounts now work, no single discount can be separated and they all stack. This has made Hard Reset Redux unpurchaseable for anyone who was eligible for the loyalty discount on numerous occasions in the past, which has led to some confusion. We have strived to fix these issues whenever they have reared their head. Unfortunately for these types of custom discounts, we cannot make any corrections or adjustments ourselves, as it requires a manual override on the distribution partner’s end and falls outside of the standard distribution agreement.

Due to this need for manual overrides, our distribution partners have officially requested that we end the loyalty discount program in order to ensure that it does not continue to interfere with the game’s distribution.

Because of this, the discount program will now end on Wednesday November 23rd, at 9AM PT. So please make sure to purchase Hard Reset Redux before then, should you be interested in receiving the 85% discount.

To summarize, here’s how the discount program works:
  • Owners of any version Hard Reset receive an 85% discount on Hard Reset Redux: All owners of any digital version of the original Hard Reset will receive an 85% discount on Hard Reset Redux. This discount is already in effect, and will last until Wednesday November 23rd, at 9AM PT.
  • You don’t have to do anything: This discount will show up automatically when you purchase Hard Reset Redux, so you don’t have to do anything to get as long as you’ve purchased some version of Hard Reset in the past with the same Steam Account that you’re using to purchase Hard Reset Redux.
  • It works for Shadow Warrior Fans too!: All owners of Flying Wild Hog’s epic rebirth of Shadow Warrior (2013) will also receive this discount, and everything above applies to them as well.
We apologize for any confusion that the discount program may have caused, and we hope that everyone enjoys their time with Hard Reset Redux.
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