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This week, TACOMA has been released-- the next game from the creators of Gone Home!
Tacoma takes Gone Home's investigative storytelling and character-driven exploration to a new and futuristic world. In the year 2088, digital technology gives us access to every detail of people's lives-- and as Amy Ferrier, you've been sent to Lunar Transfer Station Tacoma to retrieve a mysterious AI and discover the story of what really happened to the station's crew. 3D recordings of moments in these six crewmembers' lives swirl around you, and you're in control of how you engage with them, fast-forwarding and rewinding through complex scenes to understand the events of Tacoma's gripping story in every detail. How you interact with these scenes, and what you find in the rooms and corridors of Tacoma, reveal the mystery one revelation at a time.

We hope fans of Gone Home will enjoy the sci-fi tale woven in Tacoma. It's gotten some great reviews-- such as:

“I got so caught up in the story, I found myself gasping out loud and putting my hands over my face. That’s how much I liked it.” – Paste Magazine[]. 9.5/10

“A story that's both gripping and emotional... The little details packed into the space station are touches of the sublime.” – Destructoid. 9/10

“A mystery that grabs hold of you the instant your magnetic boots clamp to the station and never lets go... Immensely rewarding.” – PC Gamer. 84/100

Thank you for checking out Tacoma-- we hope you'll grow to love the station's crew just as much as we do. Welcome Aboard!
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