Final Rush

Update Report - v2.00

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Storm_at_Sea 7 юли 2014 в 9:01 следобед 
Kudos on the 2.0 update
Strike Games 7 юли 2014 в 1:45 следобед 
We're looking into fixing some of those issues this week. I'm marking down all of everyone's concerns and we'll have some internal discussions about what to do about each one. Bugs will obviously be fixed, but gameplay tweaks will require a bit more thought.

Keep the comments rolling in!
港豬 5 юли 2014 в 1:06 сутринта 
Well. fullscreen is my bad. I found that if I config it inside the setting page it works fine. It just doesnt change automatically when I press "alt-enter".
港豬 5 юли 2014 в 1:01 сутринта 
The new UI is so cool and feels like AAA. I have nothing to complaint about it.

Sight: As AGRESSIVEMOOSE said, the HUD sight should be hiden when aimming with an iron sight. Also, it is unusual that the scoped weapons can still zoom while Im reloading.

Sprint: Its OK but when I tried to sprint backwards, it consumes my stamina but doesnt boost my speed. And why no jump when running? No big problems but some action behaviors are just a bit weird.

Melee: Both the FP animations and its actual hitscan are too short-range and long-duration. Worse, sometimes it only pushes the bots for 1m but doesnt decrease their velocity so they reach you again in 0.5sec. I would like a faster, stronger and larger melee, maybe with stamina consumption itll be fine.

Fullscreen/window: I always play games in a window. However the game doesnt memorize my "Fullscreen or window" setting and I have to Alt-enter every time I open a new game.
AGRESSIVEMOOSE 3 юли 2014 в 5:22 следобед 
A suggestion after playing a bit, when looking down the barrel can you please remove the reticule. There is so many lines in the scope area it's next to impossible to see anything, especially with the assualt rifle. It would be awesome if you could just purely use the iron sights.
Max Thunder The Second 3 юли 2014 в 5:07 следобед 
Yeaaah! Luke rocks!
AGRESSIVEMOOSE 3 юли 2014 в 4:29 следобед 
Thanks for the update! It's awesome. (and thanks for adding in down the barrel and jumping)
pgames-food 3 юли 2014 в 3:11 следобед 
new update completed here, time for a quick drink, and to try it out :)
DMR 3 юли 2014 в 2:59 следобед 
I've been following the posts and always believed that you would bring us the v2.00 update. Thank you for not letting us down!
bottled water 3 юли 2014 в 2:52 следобед 
Thanks, it is there now. Looking forward to see what you all have done with the game. V.1 showed a lot of promise.