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Eternal Silence is a Source engine game based on an innovative and seamless blend of revolutionary squad-based FPS warfare and a mind-blowing space combat engine.

From annihilating corvettes in your bomber to darting around in the enemy capital ship as a hacker, the ES experience has something in store for everyone, regardless of play style. So grab your space suit and slide into the cockpit of a tactical; the war has begun!

Eternal Silence

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Good day pilots,

lately Eternal Silence had major issues with steam, which also messed with our GameTimes - sadly the section causing problems is not accessible for mod coders (meaning it is hard/impossible to debug), but Kage found a fix inside the forums for the game "The Ship" (so apparently we weren't the only ones with that problem).

This is a little Program I wrote, which applies the fix to your steam installation - assuming your Windows user has the necessary rights (you might need to run it as Administrator).

The steps the program is following:
-Close Steam
-Delete the ClientRegistry.blob from your %STEAMDIR%
-Remove the line containing "Steam2Ticket" from each user's localconfig.vdf (%STEAMDIR%\userdata\%USER%\config\localconfig.vdf)
-Restart Steam

Of course you can also do all that by hand, if the exe doesn't work, or you generally don't trust exe-files from the internet.

For further information I'd like refer to the thread in the official forums concerning this issue (it also contains the source code the for the SteamQuickFix.exe):
Eternal Silence Forums[]

rgds Sghi'
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