v1.06 - Changelog December 25

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LunaDangelis 27/dez/2013 às 7:33 
The game gives audio problems, after 5 minutes of play.
Fow Chow 26/dez/2013 às 9:34 
Yes in infinite love i spawned in an empty orange room too
Ser 25/dez/2013 às 7:03 
I only spawned in an empty room once in Infinite Love mode.
Teh Browniemix 24/dez/2013 às 21:37 
nice work I've seen you update this game more recently this month than the previous ones this month
BITT3R_G4M3R 24/dez/2013 às 21:35 
Good job
Sigsig 24/dez/2013 às 21:35 
Thank you for the updates. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!