v1.08 - Changelog February 6

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-{MadMusician59}- 2014年9月1日上午7:58 
Idk if this is my computer being retarted or something, but i'm on a mac, and whenever i start the game up, it just gives me unknown error. I've completely deleted and reinstalled it, i don't know whats going on. :(
wasrt 2014年2月19日下午9:29 
kirillyan 2014年2月19日上午3:47 
ChaosReigner 2014年2月14日下午12:36 
@FullHouse: I believe if you turn on the censor it turns the "Oh Yeah" into something else; also, the "Oh Yeah" is amazing and we all hate you now.
gangplank creeper 2014年2月14日上午6:06 
finaly they fixed the speedrun achivments, when i started the game i just got 3 achivments out of nowhere!
kanod 2014年2月13日上午9:15 
1.fix restart button from `R` to same thing easy
2. 50 % of system resurs is to big for this easy game... fix... this is a very big problem for little game
Volarknight 2014年2月12日下午1:50 
pleeeeeeeeease fix the left button glitch
Loutre 2014年2月12日上午7:30 
@FullHouse : You only get tired of this sound if you suck at the game.
AxeWorld 2014年2月11日下午12:07 
But Full House,that is what creates the charm
himmatsj 2014年2月11日上午10:25 
@FullHouse, you can disable in the options menu.