May 3 @ 01:55pm

Scheduled by: [TrendyEnt] iamisom

Join us on <a href=""><strong>Trendy Friday Fun</strong></a> as we showcase this weekend's Steam community event, <a href=""><strong>The RNG Games</strong></a>! Participants of the event will win the Face of RNG, an exclusive accessory that can only be won in this event. The event takes place on a twisted version of The King's Game created by community map author Mischief.

This special one-hour livestream will run from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. EDT this Friday. As always, we'll drop <a href=""><strong>Dungeon Defenders II</strong></a> beta codes in the chat. Be sure to register for a Twitch account and <a href=""><strong>follow the channel</strong></a> for your chance to win!

See you then!

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