Dungeon Defenders

Dungeon Defenders

Using Sub-Objectives to Encourage Better Cooperative Play

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C= 64 Jan 12, 2014 @ 2:12am 
Pls for the love of god don't make this free 2 play, i really think that will only influence "balance" changes, like all other "free to play" titles suffer.

I would pay what i would spend on a AAA title for Dungeon Defenders 2 as i am certain many others would, by making it f2p we all know it will become a pay 2 win situation no matter what type of "spin" the amrketing dept or others use.

*sigh* i was really happy for this game to arrive, but now hearing it will be f2p (if it is true) i will sadly not be playing it - if you think it will make you mroe money at the cost of game balance and longevity then go for it though i guess..
LauraWantsaCow Jan 10, 2014 @ 4:44pm 
@Dead_lee It won't be pay-to-win. :)
Tydo Jan 10, 2014 @ 2:30pm 
No i dont really see this working out well, without other radical changes. We already have to deal with crystals scattered all other the place, those are our subobjectives atm. Granted they are ALL or nothing, 1 down = mapfail, but already building multiple places. And as stated above, for good reason we "turtle" around those spread out crystals.
If these new "subobjectives" become necessary to hold, then we are back to square one, same strategies as currently used on spead out crystals.
Balance is going to be nontrivial to keep entertaining without being a killswitch, but i could see this happening as a sort of dynamic way of ramping up difficulty, a sort of "Bring it!", giving yourself more opposition for better rewards (xp, drops, mana, mapend rewards).
Tydo Jan 10, 2014 @ 2:30pm 
"In DDI, many players told us that the best strategies involved clustering defenses around crystal cores.
This style of defense is known as turtling.
It’s a valid strategy, but one that shuts down mobility across the map and encourages players to remain in one location"

Well, duh, thats what static defenses, aka fortifications, do. Stay where you put them.
Besides that, clustering is pretty much a necessity to get the most out of your limited defenses (DU limits, space limits) and map geography (including mobs just walking past defenses), while also having to account for raiders coming in by air ignoring all groundbased paths and chokepoints.
Wywerns were reason enough, but goblincopters really makes people abandon any foolish notions of setting up defenses far from crystals or some fattie with a huge club is going to get dropped behind the lines.
Äߊ†®ÅχÎØη Jan 9, 2014 @ 12:49am 
Very nice :)
RB6CK Jan 8, 2014 @ 6:04pm 
And When are you going to let me into the beta hahaha, I've just got to get my hands on a map.
RB6CK Jan 8, 2014 @ 6:03pm 
I hope to see more of a balance between DPS style gameplay and actually building towers. I finally got my Trendy Entertainment crystal today :) But at the same time alot of the challenges were very forced into one aspect of gameplay or the other. I love the fact that this game went from, "Man I need to get some gear with +20 on all my towers so I can be strong.", to "Man I need some gear that pushes me past +2500 so I can manhandle this map." But yeah, I'm a builder at heart. I want the best towers, I want that fast paced solo a map that is way too hard feeling again. What are you guys planning as far as alterations to the Run and Gun aspect, and the Fast paced on the clock building that I've come to love?
Pervert Enis Jan 8, 2014 @ 6:01am 
since it's free to play, i hope it won't be pay-to-win.
TìMϦl4 Jan 8, 2014 @ 5:32am 
I just hope this one won't have a crapton of dlcs.
saibot_trapper Jan 8, 2014 @ 5:30am 
cant wait! :)